Philosophy & Services - Redside Partners


Pay attention to the details. Property management isn’t rocket science but attending to the details is critical to our continued success.

Always continue trying to do things better. For example, tenants want on-line services and we offer them from the application, to on-line payments to the move-out; our job is to make their living experience great.

Don’t get spread too thin so we’re able to spend time on your investment. Our work is also focused on property management, we’re not a brokerage firm who has a property management team on the side.

Take pride in our work. We work hard and take a great deal of pride in value we add value to buildings.

We encourage you to ask around town: does Redside Partners do great work?


Redside is “soup to nuts” firm, and we’re committed to:

  • efficiently turning apartments over,
  • spearheading necessary updates,
  • quickly re-renting units with good tenants,
  • encouraging open tenant communication and tenant retention,
  • chasing down late payments,
  • working with owners to make building updates and keep rents at market rates,

How we work with owners:

  • We rely on mutually developed plan between the owner and Redside
  • We align our goals with owners is critical to our success. Maybe cash flow is vital, or the investors are younger and want to upgrade the building? Either way, we make sure to fully understand owner’s objectives.
  • We carefully monitor expenses.
  • We provide easy to read monthly reports and usually make disbursements via electronic fund transfer.