Why should Redside manage your property?

We’re good at it and have great people.

We have an experienced team that enjoys improving your building operations and making your investment more valuable. Redside focuses solely on property management; we don’t do brokerage (selling or listings) and are committed to the outstanding management of your investment.

We’re progressive.

While owners often have traditional habits with their building operations, residents are usually 25-40 year olds and more reliant on technology; we cater to this.

For example, this website is “responsive” – it looks great and is easy to navigate on a phone too (that’s not easy to do). In addition, we encourage online inquiries, online payments, and are focused on great resident technology experiences.

We’re experienced in managing family owned real estate.

Many of the properties we manage are family owned, some for multiple generations. We have a good handle on family owned property and the nuances that often come with it.

We’re a full service management firm.

We’re responsible for finding and screening the resident, coordinating the move-in, responding to maintenance inquiries, and moving residents out when they leave. In the meantime, we provide owners with all the reporting and financial information they need.

We’re flexible.

If you or your family has been managing your investment one way, or want to retain control of a portion of this, let’s talk about how to make this work.

Our maintenance team is excellent.

Our Redside team takes great pride in their work and has a great understanding for what needs to be done to make an apartment look great. However, they don’t do all the work, if we need a plumber or painter we’ll pull them in.

Talk to our clients.

We’ll happily provide a long list of references and people who have worked with Redside.