A Recommendation.

Friday, June 8th, 2012

June 8th 2012

It’s relatively rare that folks make public, appreciative recommendations of property managers. More often, an issue with a resident erupts into a skewered review of a property management company. We’ve gotten a negative review or two from residents, it’s no fun. There are always two sides of such disagreements and property managers really don’t ever get the chance to voice their side on Google or Yelp—where most reviews, or rants, are aired.

Along those lines, we are very appreciative of the letter we received from Timberland Bank this week. We recently wrapped up our management for them on a 45 unit apartment building in Burien. This was a tough job because we inherited some really difficult residents, and because we had to fill the building at rents they needed to get a reasonable return on a building they took back. As Mike Rasmussen points out in the attached, we’re happy to report that we exceeded their expectations.

Letter of Recommendation