Heart felt front page article on change

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Coupling a slow news day with what must be a good seller for newspapers, the Seattle Times seems to enjoy writing articles about displaced renters or rent hikes. No doubt this story about renters on QA is a bummer for displaced residents and the loss of what seemed to be neat old brick building.

However, as this was published at the same time of the Paris Climate talks, how about also talking about how much more dense this block will now be, enabling future valuable workers for our local economy to live closer to their place of work and use less gas? Or possibly mentioning that it’s very likely the developer will include some portion of its development for low or middle class workers (as a trade for abated property taxes for a number of years)? The Seattle Times can do good work but it’s disappointing they don’t do more homework and that there isn’t a stronger voice “on the other side” talking about some of the benefits associated with what we’d all agree is imminent change.

Tearing down the house….