“Let’s Move Seattle” — and make sure renters know they’ll be paying more too

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Brier Dudley couldn’t be more correct in his assessment of ongoing, consistent increased operational costs relative to housing and how they ultimately get passed on consumers. Specifically, in the link below he discusses property taxes in King County as well as some other costly programs. Our office just received a handful of new assessements, some of which increased 20% or more in value in ONE year. Rents have increased in the last year, but NOT that much. I’m also certain property owners won’t “just absorb” those increased costs–no rationale person would.

He also alludes to the new costs of inspections recently orded by the City to make sure apartments are “livable”. Through probably 25 or more inspections we’ve done thus far, inspectors haven’t found an material defects in any of our properties, and have been inconsistent and sometimes simply incorrect, in their findings. It’s unfortunate that campaign signs saying: “Let’s Move Seattle, Vote for Prop 1” — don’t also let shed additional light on who will ultimately pay for these additional programs.

Let’s Move Seattle ???