Manager of the month — from Kitsap County this time…

Friday, March 9th, 2018

“Desperate” is probably an overstatement, but Redside was certainly “active” and “anxious” in looking for a great resident management team for a sixty-three unit property in Bremerton last September. Thankfully through Craig’s List (again), we were connected with Cindy and Don Schade. The property they were previously managing was selling and they were looking for “a new gig”.

They have been outstanding thus far and immediately jumped in and “rolled up their sleeves”. Cindy handles most of the office and leasing related work and Don has become the handy man extraordinaire at the building. At the most simple level, Cindy and Don take pride and ownership in the building. They offer phenomenal customer service, keep the property clean, proactively coordinate with vendors, promptly follow up on delinquent residents, provide great weekly updates, and proactively offer feedback on potential property improvements. Through all of this great work, they’ve also built an outstanding rapport with residents. Thank you Cindy and Don and I hope you can put you Amazon gift cards to good use!