On-line rent payments and now residents can pay with credit cards

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

September 26, 2013

Over 80% of our residents now pay their rent on-line, via a secure portal that enables direct transfer from the resident’s bank account to ours. Encouraging residents to pay on-line also enables them to see their monthly balance, or some residents set this up as an auto-payment. This is also a free service for the residents, considering the postage rate increase this month, it also save residents $.50/month to mail in a check. On-line payments have also enabled us, and likely other Seattle property management companies, to be more efficient. We’re not having to open the mail, deposit the checks and enter them into the system. Moreover, if the payment is rejected for any reason, we’re automatically notified as is the resident.

This week, we also enabled credit card payemnts on-line. Payment with a credit card does incur and additional fee ($17-$27 depending on the balance owed) but is still usually less than a late fee. These simple additions continue to make it easier and more convenient for residents pay their rent, and it allows us to spend more time proactively managing properties!