OddFellows Building

915 E Pine Street Seattle, WA 98122

206-323-1771 ext 13

The OddFellows Building was constructed in 1908 by the Fraternal Order of the Odd Fellows. Aside from its massive presence and intricate facade, the OddFellows Building offers many unique spaces with high ceilings. It is currently undergoing renovation and restoration. In addition to the Grand Ballroom, the building offers four other large performance spaces with 25′ ceilings that are ideal for offices or showrooms. Ground floor retail with 14′ to 16′ ceilings offers prominent frontage on both East Pine Street and 10th Avenue East. With generous 12′ ceilings, massive exposed trusses and large skylights, the fourth floor offices are ideal for creative firms. Storage space is available in the basement. As a local landmark, the OddFellows Building showcases the vitality and unique nature of Capitol Hill.

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