The Long Walk

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

February 2nd, 2010

I read The Long Walk over the holidays; I enjoy both WWII history and stories about human triumph and endurance. The story is indirectly about lots of real estate. A Polish Cavalry officer is sent from Moscow to a Siberian labor camp in the late 1930`s. He manages to escape and treks south through Russia, China and Mongolia to India. Kind of like walking from Juneau to Mexico City without shoes, gortex or food. When you think about what people went through in WWII and real times of human tragedy, it really helps put our collective whining about the economy and depressed rents in perspective. I`m as competitive as anyone trying to keep buildings full at market rents but I have a warm house, good clothing and a great family. Like Ghost Soldiers (Bhutan Death March), In Harm`s Way (sinking of USS Indianapolis) and Flags of Our Father`s (Iwo Jima), The Long Walk is a great story of human triumph and persistence, I fully recommend it.